Lawn Care

Don’t want the hassle of taking care of your lawn this spring and summer?

No worries, simply fill out the form below to begin receiving bi-weekly lawn care.

Sign up today and enjoy the benefits of gkhouses lawn service:

  • Professional lawn care at affordable prices
  • Budget billing spread over 12 months
  • Spend your time doing things you enjoy, not worrying about landscaping

Tenant Task Easy Sign Up Form

  • 1. You acknowledge that gkhouses has permission to schedule bi-weekly lawn service on my home for the price referenced in this accompanying email.

    2. Should you cancel during a period where you have received lawn service, you will be billed and responsible for paying for the cost incurred.

    3. You may cancel within the first 30 days with no penalty (you will only be billed for service performed). You may also cancel the service after the initial 30 days. However, there will be an additional one month charge due to the budget billing advantage.

    4. You agree to allow your lawn to be cared for by a local professional every two weeks during the spring and summer months. This service may stretch into what are typically considered the fall months if the weather continues to merit grass cutting.

    5. A non-response to this offer will constitute a decline of the offer and resident understands that he/she is 100% responsible for maintaining the rental property lawn per your lease.

    6. You will be responsible for payment for all lawn services provided during your lease. A 30-day notice is required to stop the service before move-out.

    7. By filling out the form, you agree to amend your current lease agreement to include the above selected optional services.
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